Dyski Kernewek - Learning Cornish

Klas Priow, ClayTAWC St. Dennis - The Clays Class, ClayTAWC, Sen Denys
Nansbyghan (Bad day)

Yma'n klas 'Priow' dhe Kresenn ClayTAWC yn Sen Denys, 7 dhe 9 eur gorthugherweyth, dy' Mergherweyth. Yma park-kerri byghan a-rag an gresenn, yma spas-parkya dhe'n stretow a-dro ynwedh. yma leder diworth an park-kerri dhe'n daras keffrys ha'n gradhow. An daras yw efan lowr rag gasa kador-ros yn es.  -  The ‘Clays’ class is in St.Dennis and meets in the ClayTAWC Centre from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesdays. There’s a small car-park in front of the centre itself and usually on-street space as well. The door is approached by a slope from the car-park as well as steps. The door is easily wide enough to accommodate a wheel-chair. 

Klyk dhe'n skeusenn rag igeri mappa a'n le. An mappa a vydh diskwedhes y'n keth fenester.  -  Click on the picture to open a map of the location. Map will open in the same window.


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Klas Bosvenegh - The Bodmin Class

An klas Bosvenegh yw gwrys ynter 7 ha 9 eur gorthugherweyth, dy''Lunweyth, yn diwotti henwys ''The Garland Ox'' dhe Higher Bore Street, henn yw an A391 hag yth yw an penn-fordh yn Bosvenegh diworth tu Sen Ostel.  -  The Bodmin class is held between 7pm and 9pm on Mondays in a pub called the Garland Ox in Higher Bore Street, this is the A391 and is the main-road into Bodmin from the St. Austell direction.

Y fo nebes spas-parkyans a-hys an fordh a-rag an diwotti hag yma park-kerri a-dryv dhe''n diwotti gans entrans dhe Hillside Park, a yll bos kevys dre besya war-tu ha Kresenn an Dre a-hys Higher Bore St., pes a-gledhbarth yn Fordh Dennison ha treyl kyns a-gledh yn Fordh Cardell. Wosa henna, gwra kynsa a-gledh arta yn Hillside Park ha pesya a-gledhbarth arta rag mos mar pell ha gyllir yn-bann an vre. Syw an fordh hedra dreyl hi a-dheghow ha gul linenn yw keslinennek gans an fordh-veur. Tremen an kynsa rew a garrjiow ha hwithra fos kromm yn an park-kerri a-gledhbarth.  -  There is likely to be some on-road parking space along the road in front of the pub and there is a car-park to the rear of the pub itself with access from Hillside Park, which can be reached by continuing towards the Town Centre along Higher Bore Street, bearing left into Dennison Road and turning first left into Cardell Road. Then turn first left into HillsidePark and immediately left again taking you as far back up the hill as possible. Follow the road as it bears right and runs parallel to the main road. Go past the first set of garages and look for a curved wall into the car-park on the left.

Yma''n klas y''n stevell a-dhelergh, hag yw a-hys an penn-hel war-tu ha''n delergh an diwotti. An daras a-rag yw efan lowr rag kador-ros mes yma gradhow a-dheghowbarth.  -  The class is held in the back room which is along the main passage towards the back of the pub. Access is possible for wheelchairs from the front but there are steps to the rear. 

Klyk dhe''n skeusenn rag igeri mappa a''n le. An mappa a vydh diskwedhes y''n keth fenester.  -  Click on the picture to open a map of the location. Map will open in the same window. 

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Klas Pons War Gwlan - The Wadebridge Class
Halfway House 1

Yma''n klas Pons War Gwlan yn diwotti henwys ''The Halfway House'', dhe''n A39 ynter Sen Kolomba Veur ha Pons War Gwlan dhe 7 dhe 9 eur gothugherweyth, dy''Meurthweyth. Yma park-kerri a-rag an diwotti hag yma''n daras a-rag ryb dhodho. Yma entrans rag kador-ros y''n diwotti, mes yma gradhow a-ji.  -  The Wadebridge class is held on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm in The Halfway House, a pub on the A39 between St. Columb Major and Wadebridge. There is a car park in front of the pub and the entrance faces it. There is access for wheelchairs into the pub, but there are steps to negotiate once inside.

Klyk dhe''n skeusenn rag igeri mappa a''n le. An mappa a vydh diskwedhes y''n keth fenester.  -  Click on the picture to open a map of the location. Map will open in the same window.


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Klas Ryskamel - The Camelford Class

Yma'n klas Ryskamel yn stevell-klas a-ugh an gwerthji Keskewsel dhe Varghasva, Ryskamel (mir orth an manylyon dhe woeles an folenn-tre). Ev a vydh dyghtys gorthugherweyth dy'Yow dhe 19.00-21.00. Yma park-kerri heb-kost yn Ryskamel hag yma'n gwerthji namoy es pymp mynysenn a-dhiworto dre gerdhes. Soweth, nyns usi ev hedhadow yn es dre gador-ros, drefenn bos gradhow pur serth y'n gwerthji hag yn-mes anodho ha nyns eus entrans arall.   -  The Camelford class is above the Keskewsel shop at Market Place, Camelford (see the address details on the home-page) on Thursday nights at 7pm to 9pm. There's a free car park in Camelford and the shop is a five minute walk from it. Unfortunately, wheelchair access is very difficult (although not impossible), as there are steep steps both inside and to the side of the shop and there are no entrances otherwise.  


Klyk dhe'n skeusenn rag igeri mappa a'n le. An mappa a vydh diskwedhes y'n keth fenester.  -  Click on the picture to open a map of the location. Map will open in the same window.


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Klas Porthbud - The Bude Class

Yma'n klas Porth Bud ordenys dhe'n Royal British Legion, 5 Burn View, Bude, ynter 7.30 ha 9.30 w.h. dy'Gwenerweyth. Yma parkyans war an stret, ha nebes parkow-kerri yn ogas. An drehevyans yw hedhadow dre gador-ros ha nyns eus gradhow vyth. - The Bude class is in the Royal British Legion at 5 Burn View, Bude, 7.30 to 9.30pm on Fridays. There's on-street parking and several car-parks nearby. The building is accessible by wheel-chair and there are no stairs to negotiate.

Dyski po yn klas, dre gesroesweyth po an dhew! - Learn in a class, by internet, or both!
Cassie 4


Lieskweyth, nyns yw es kavoes termyn rag klasow; bywnans ober ha kowethasek a vell lieskweyth, ytho, dhe-les yw an dewis rag studhya dres an gesroesweyth kyns es mos dhe glass.  -  Finding time to attend classes isn't always easy; work and social commitments often get in the way, so it's handy to have the option to study through the internet instead of, or as well as, attending a class.

Argerdh avonsyans Keskewsel a oberi dre gevres a folennow-ober yw desinys rag oberi yn keslinennek dhe'n lyvrow devnydhys rag an stus, owth efana an pennrewlow, ow profya displegyansow manylyssa ha moy a spas rag praktis. An fordh ma a brov hyns kessonna dhe'n byth a dhyskir, mar pe dhe-dre, po yn bagas teythyek, po an dhew warbarth.   -  The Keskewsel system of development works through a series of worksheets which are designed to work alongside the text-books used for the course, expanding on the principles, providing more detailed explanations and more opportunity for practice. This allows for a consistent approach to what you learn, whether you learn at home, in a local group, or both.   

An kost yw pub seythun, nyns yw pub klass, mar kwre'ta pe rag an seythun, ty a yll dos dhe bub klass y'n seythun na heb kost arall.  -  Classes are paid-for by the week, not by the class, so as long as you''ve paid for the week you can come to all the classes in that week at no extra cost.

Cass 2

Folennow-ober yw ebostys dhe studhoryon kyns klassow, ytho, nes yw res dhis dos dhe glassow vydholl, mar pe termyn lowr dhis, omervirans ha tan y''th golonn dh''y wul, ty a allsa oberi dre gesroesweyth yn-tien. Yma hedhas dhis dhe dhyskador dres ebost hag yma fenetenyow klywadow pan vo res dhis anedha.  -  The following or current week''s worksheets are emailed out to students before the classes, which means that you don''t necessarily have to come to a class at all, as long as you have the time, the self-discipline and the enthusiasm to do it, you could work entirely by internet. You have access to a tutor by email and audio materials when you need them.

An amkan yw gul dhe''n argerdh a dhos ha bos freth yn Kernewek mar kwedhyn ha gyll ev. An pyth yw an moyha a-vri yw dha omervirans dha honan ha''n tan y''th golonn dh''y wul; nyns eus bri vydholl dhe wedhynder an argerdh mar ny wre''ta an ober!  -  The aim is to make the process of becoming fluent in Cornish as flexible as possible. What''s most important about this way of working is your self-discipline and determination to do it; the flexibility of the system is completely irrelevant if you don''t do the work!

Kyns ty dhe wul termyn hag arghans dhe dhyski Kernewek ha junya gans an gemmynieth a gows Kernewek ow tevi, omwovynn; ''py myns a hwans eus dhymm dh''y wul?''  -  Before you commit time and money to learning Cornish and joining the growing Cornish-speaking community, ask yourself; ''how much do I want to do this?''

Mar pe hwans dhis a moy a dherivadow yn kever klassow, po neppyth arall, galow mar pleg, po danvonn ebost dhe:  -  If you''d like more information about classes, or anything else on this page, please call or send an email to: 

01726 824784         info@keskewsel.com          07929 859604

Klasow Arall - Other Classes

A nyns eus klas nes dhisso jy? Klyk orth an gevrenn Maga rag gweles rol a glasow ha kyv klas yn dha ranndir.

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